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You may think you know everything about Competitive dance, but the truth is that there are many misconceptions out in pop culture. 

Since Dance Mom’s became popular with its overly dramatic portrayal of life as a dancer or choreographer, in our opinion it only glamourized things instead giving accurate details on what really goes down behind closed doors at these studios where people practice hard and achieve success through dedication! The reason why we say this? Simply because each person has their own measuring stick for “success.”

There are studio environments that may use similar tactics to these programs, but far and away most directors of studios that we know personally are all about building their children and team up without the destructive focus on winning a small plastic trophy or medallion.

When you dance with a team, it’s like having a built in coach.  The competition is an opportunity to grow and learn new skills while competing against others who want what we do: our success! 

In our Community, we have regular contact with dozens of different studio directors from across Ontario each season. We can confidently tell you that the majority of the people teaching these athletes at the competitive level believe the personal development journey for students is their true motivation. The Dance Team and competitions are a vehicle for developing kids and their confidence; it is certainly that way in our studio. We take pride in having a rigorous program that instills discipline in our students while also teaching them how to have fun and be confident in their abilities. Our dance team members are some of the most dedicated and successful students in our studio, and they serve as excellent role models for our younger ones. While we encourage all of our students to participate in competitions, we also recognize that not everyone is interested in this aspect of dance. However, we believe that the experience of competing can be beneficial for all students, even if they don’t ultimately choose to pursue it as a career. Through competition, students learn how to set goals and work hard to achieve them. They also learn how to manage their time and expectations, and they develop a thicker skin when it comes to dealing with criticism. Ultimately, the skills that our they learn through competition are ones that will benefit them throughout their lives.

What to Know when picking a dance Team 

We have been involved in Dance competitions in Ontario since 1990!  SO we know a thing or two about what makes a studio successful in competition. 

Here are some reasons some studios compete and some don’t. 

The dance competition is a way to elevate the quality of training at any given studio. By seeing what other studios in your area are doing, you can ensure that yours remains on top and syllabus-based rather than just following trends blindly without understanding how they work or why certain things matter more now then others did before

“Dance competitions help keep up with national trends. it also showcases our students progress.””  says an instructor from New York City’s Apollo Theater School So when you see a studio with a lot of trophies hanging up, its not just glamour they are showing you that they have tested their skills against the best of the best and continue to develop their methods to stay on top. 

  • Dance competition is a unique and fun way for students to improve their skills. The dance team dynamic fosters self-expression, leadership abilities as well creative thinking through constant challenges that increase in difficulty each week!
  • You can’t beat the feeling of watching your child perform in front of an audience. The excitement they get from being part of something larger than themselves is unparalleled, and it’s so rewarding to see them excel not just as individuals but also within groups! As parents we know that these competitions don’t come easy; week after intense week our kids work hard on their routines while sweating through hours upon end at practice sessions which leads up until this one moment where everything pays off withstanding tough competition from other dancers who may be younger or more experienced – yet still losing nothing because each competitor has done what he/she needs to before stepping onto stage

Many young children are naturally competitive. 

They want to be the first to cross the finish line, the first to complete a puzzle, or the first to win an overall. While some adults view competition as unhealthy, it can actually be beneficial for young children. Competition can help to teach kids important life skills such as goal-setting, perseverance, and resilience. It can also motivate them to work hard and stay focused. Of course, there is such a thing as too much competition. Kids should be encouraged to compete against themselves rather than others. They should also be taught that the most important thing is not winning, but doing their best. When used in moderation, competition can be a valuable tool for helping kids to develop and grow into healthy, prosperous adults.

Interested in joining our comp team ? 

Get in touch. Email our Office manager and we will be sure to set up a consultation with our studio directors.