The Acrobatic program combines gymnastic elements with dance
technique in a fun and safe environment. Our acrobatic instructors are trained
and certified in proper teaching and spotting technique. Acro is a unique for of
dance that focuses on flexibility, strength and control.
*Jazz is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.


ADA Dance Co. follows the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance
(RAD). Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried over to most
other dance styles. Dancers are formally trained and inspired to refine the skills
necessary to grow as dancers, from beginner to advanced levels. Ballet also
improves strength, control and balance while increasing the dancers focus on
presenting themselves in a graceful manner.


An exciting high-energy form of dance with intense movement to music
from past to present. Dancers will work on flexibility, strength and style while
concentrating on co-ordination while developing proper dance technique and
progressions skills. The jazz program includes the latest steps from New York to
L.A. styles of Jazz vary from Lyrical to Funk, Latin, Contemporary and Broadway;
so there is something for everyone.
*Ballet is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

Hip Hop

The Hip Hop program is a favorite for dancers of all ages. Hip Hop
bases it’s styles on geographic and environmental experiences, as the Hip Hop
world continues to evolve we are able to create new and exciting classes each
week. Dancers will be introduced to Hip Hop styles like popping and locking,
house, b-boying and tutting just to name a few.
*Jazz is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.


The Tap program emphasizes beats and rhythms by creating sounds with
the feet. Our Tap instructors help each dancers to broaden their understanding of this classic form of dance by teaching timeless steps as well as modern tap
technique and style.
*Jazz is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.


Lyrical dance is style created by merging Ballet and Jazz dance
techniques. Lyrical dancing is typically performed to music with lyrics to inspire
movements to express strong emotions or to tell a story.
*Ballet is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre program combines dance, dramatic arts and singing techniques to emphasize the importance of a quality performance.
The classes will begin with theatrical and improvisational